4x 100mm Acrylic Flexible Hinges – No glue required. Low profile plexiglass, Transparent, Continuous Acrylic Piano Hinges

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Superior flex-life, Slim Low profile, impact resistance. The living hinge extruded from high-impact acrylic and a urethane elastomer.

Height: 40mm. Width: 100mm. Depth: 3mm

High quality, cutting edge 3M tape technology.

Translucent doubled sided mounting tape, pre-applied. Delivers a strong, powerful bond. Pressure sensitive adhesive bonds on contact, to provide immediate handling strength.

Virtually invisible fastening keeps surfaces smooth. Edges are invisible due to transparency.

Works best in “flat” applications, as opposed to being “wrapped” around a 90 degree corner. Unless a hasp or lock is used. Full-length acrylic plastic hinges are the perfect low profile replacement for metal hinges that require drilling or additional prefabrication for installation. Manufactured in accordance with strict specifications and tolerances. Strong materials, manufacturing methods with quality control. Can replace mechanical fasteners (rivets, welding, screws) or liquid adhesives: Avoids drilling, grinding, reworking, screwing, welding and cleaning.