4 x V2, 5mm thickness, Angle L Brackets, Polished Clear Transparent Perspex Acrylic + 20x M5 Bolts, Clear Right Angle Bracket, Corner

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Clear acrylic brackets are totally transparent and 5mm thick. They have a high quality, polished gloss finish

No seams - just a solid one-piece design

4x holes are pre-drilled for convenience. Bolt holes are 10mm from edge to centre point of hole. 5mm diameter holes

20x M5 x 16mm Bolts and Nuts are included

Height: 70mm. Width: 30mm. Material: Acrylic. Please see image for technical dimensions.

Heavy duty, Plexiglass. Used in joining and strengthening corners where perpendicular parts meet, and also fixing to panel or wall at the rear of cupboard, cabinet etc.