50 x Hexagon Head Screws Grey PVC Plastic nuts and bolts, oxidation resistant, weather resistant, strong, UPVC, Plastic nuts and bolts, M5 x 20mm

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Rigid, versatile, and is suitable for both above and below ground installations. Vibration resistant and anti-magnetic.

Polyvinyl Chloride possesses many properties that make it a popular choice of material particularly within the construction industry. It has great properties including, strength, durability, resistance to fire and erosion. PVC is also recyclable.

PVC is resistant to oxidation and degradation and its inherent chlorine content gives it excellent fire resistance.

50 x nuts, 50 x washers, 50 x bolts

M5 x 20mm, Hexagon Head Screws

oxidation resistant, weather resistant, strong. Application: These screws, nuts and washers are an excellent choice for use in the chemical industry, oil refineries. Maximum temperature: 140°F